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  • Lego Rock Band Featuring lego versions of Queen, Pink, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and more

    Lego Rock Band – Is coming to a console and DS near you! Yes everyone love Legos so what could be better than playing Rock Band with Lego look-a-likes of your favorite band members? I think nothing so they made the game and it is set to release on November 3rd 2009. So there you go checkout the song...
    Posted to Forum by willburns1 on 10-21-2009
  • Wilco

    You probably haven't heard of them but I'll almost guarantee you've heard their music. If you've watched anything by NBC or VW in the last two years then you're familiar with some of their newest music from their CD "Sky Blue Sky." Wilco is without a doubt my favorite band...
    Posted to Forum by Raikus on 12-10-2008
  • Re: Ronald McDonald Rocking Out on Rock Band 2

    Wow that is crazy. Those guys can really play. I've played GH3 and RB but I could never get that good at any of the instruments. I have a feeling that this is all they do all day is practice the different songs and get really good at them. I can't imagine spending that much time playing a video...
    Posted to Forum by willburns1 on 11-10-2008
  • Ad Headlines That Will Save Your Life (If They Don't Give You a Heart Attack First) Evidently there’s an epidemic of head explosions and no one has told me. I find this troubling, as it seems that someone’s head exploding would make the news somewhere. And if LOTS of people’s heads were exploding I’d like to at least...
    Posted to Weblog by Raikus on 10-28-2008
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