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  • Twitter Gets a Face Lift - Inline images and video, split-screen, and more!

    Twitter has made a huge update to their website adding a bunch of new features and changing the layout. Not everyone will get access to the new Twitter tonight, but it will roll out to everyone eventually. One of the most obvious features is the new split-screen view, which is much like the official...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 09-15-2010
  • Apple Releases a New Mac Mini - Gets HDMI Output

    The New Mac Mini is out and has more than was expected. There had been rumors all over the Internet that the next Mac Mini would have a HDMI output, and long and behold it does. That’s not all it has though. It got a new all aluminum body as well as a RAM and CPU speed increase. It’s crazy now how much...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 06-15-2010
  • Apple's Response to Google TV – The New Apple TV Rumors

    A lot of people have been wondering what the new Apple TV will be like after seeing Google unveil their new Google TV product. According to Engadget Apple has been working on the new Apple TV long before the unveiling of Google TV. The new Apple TV is going in a new direction and has some surprises under...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 06-02-2010
  • Hulu to Offer a $10 a Month Subscription for back Episodes

    So we have been hearing about the possibility that Hulu was going toward a paid subscription route for a while now. It seems they have pulled the curtain on their plans, as they announced that they are going to offer a $10 a month subscription, called Hulu Plus, for access to back episodes of shows....
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 04-22-2010
  • New iPhone Photos Leak

    Photo Source Gizmodo So apparently the new iPhone prototype was accidentally left in a bar in Redwood City, CA. Someone found it and had it for about a week. They said that before Apple remotely wiped the phone it was running iPhone OS 4.0, which has not been released to the public yet. The person who...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 04-19-2010
  • Gremlins 3!? IN 3D!? AWESOME NEWS!

    The first Gremlins was an awesome movie and was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Ever since I had seen it, every time I was in Chinatown anywhere I was looking for Mr. Wing to get my mogwai. It was released in 1984, and then rereleased in '85, and then the sequel came out in 1990. It seems like...
    Posted to Weblog by cstanton on 01-25-2010
  • New Apple Remote – Design and My Thoughts

    So with all the new stuff that Apple came out with yesterday one of the little items was a new and redesigned Apple Remote. The Apple Remote is packaged with new imacs so you can control frontrow a media center application that allows you to watch movies, view pictures, listen to music, and other media...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 10-21-2009
  • Apple's New Magic Mouse - Features and Outlook

    Apple just released a new mouse called the Magic Mouse and I have to say I am intrigued by it. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the Might Mouse. I think it's the worse mouse ever, and is not worth $60 it's not worth $6 even. The new Magic Mouse has a stupid name in my opinion sounds like...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 10-20-2009
  • Starbucks New Whole leaf Tea Infusions Lattes

    Starbucks has a new series of tea lattes and tea infused beverages. It's about time that Starbucks starts to pay more attention to their tea lineup. I have never been a fan of the Tazo teas at Starbucks and I always thought that they could do a better job with them. I think that my biggest complain...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 01-09-2009
  • The New Twitter Scam!

    So did you guys here about the new twitter scam that has been going around? Well the scam goes something life this you get a direct message from someone saying something like "hey check out this blog" and then it takes you to a page that looks like the twitter login page. The user may assume...
    Posted to Weblog by frankthetank on 01-05-2009
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