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  • Exit Path – Have time for a Flash Game? Try this one!

    I don't always have time to play the millions of flash games out there, but if I did I perhaps would play this one at least until I beat it. This game is made by Armor Games who tends to make great flash game. Exit Path features a little running man that has to avoid many obstacles in his quest to...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 06-04-2010
  • Glitch – Browser Flash Based MMO Game

    Glitch is a new MMO game that is currently being developed by Tiny Speck. Glitch is a massively-multiplayer game that is playable in the browser, which is nice for people with older computers and computers without upgraded hardware. The games plot is a little vague but it seems you and your fellow players...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 02-09-2010
  • Friv - Free Online Games that are Fun and Addictive

    There are tons of places online to play little flash games and what not, and I am sure there are better ones out there that Having said that Friv is a great website that has a bunch of really interesting and fun game that you can pickup and play in seconds. Non of them are particularly hard...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 01-29-2010
  • YouTube integrated HTML5 so you can say goodbye to Flash

    Flash is a great plugin and allows you to do all kind great things on the web, but it doesn't always play nice with your browser or operating system. I have always had little Flash problems with my Mac where this Flash app or that one doesn't work properly. YouTube in now testing out HTML5 code...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 01-22-2010
  • Flash 10.1 will Support Smartphones Except iPhone

    This whole no flash thing on the iphone is starting to get to me. Adobe has been saying that are going to develop flash for iphone for a long time and they have yet to come out with it. But now with the new release of flash 10.1 it's going to be compatible with smartphones of course it's not...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 10-05-2009
  • Lock your USB Flash Drive Literally

    There are a lot of people out there that are concerned about security, and rightfully so. If you care the kind of person that needs to carry around sensitive information on the go why not put all the sensitive information on a USB Flash Drive and then lock it up with the Brando 3 digit combination lock...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 09-01-2009
  • Minotaur China Shop - Online Flash Game

    Here's a great game to play . Serve fine china to discerning mythological customers. Breaking items will cost you money. However, break LOTS of items and you'll enter Minotaur Rage, a crippling psychological condition. Your insurance will reimburse you for any items broken while enraged.
    Posted to Forum by Raikus on 12-12-2008
  • - Show off your Halo 3 vids over the internet

    There's a great site that converts your Bungie shared videos to flash so that anyone on the internet can see them. All you have to do is sign up, point GameVee to the shared video on Bungie's site and it will convert it within an hour and email you the link. Here's one of my all time favorite...
    Posted to Forum by Raikus on 11-14-2008
  • FastMac iV Review - extra battery and flash for your iPhone

    FastMac iV - extra battery and flash for your iPhone The FastMac iV is a portable dock for your iphone. It extends the battery to allow 24 hours of talk time, 750 hours of standby time, 70 hours of audio. It also has an extra port to allow you to charge another device via a USB port. It’s a full size...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 11-06-2008
  • iPhone gets flash plug-in finally

    The iPhone is said to finally get the flash plug-in that people have been dieing for ever since the phone came out. This plug-in should be great not only for viewing flash elements on websites but also it will make viewing videos from youtube easier. The only videos that you can watch on youtube application...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 10-02-2008
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