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  • Confessions Of A Superhero

    If you've ever been to Hollywood Boulevard you've seen them in all of their caped glory, probably holding a child's hand, in a group of overly-excited foreign tourists, or in the midst of a group of flirty girls. They're not your ordinary "save the day" lot, but they still get...
    Posted to Weblog by cstanton on 02-02-2010
  • Dark Days Is Worth Watching

    The other night my roommate and I were going through the movies on his PS3 when we came across one called "Dark Days." The title struck me because it sounds like a badass movie title, so we began to watch it. The intro scene had me hooked. The director, Marc Singer, was originally born in London...
    Posted to Weblog by cstanton on 08-13-2009
  • Pictures For New Alice In Wonderland Movie

    Tim Burton's 3D blockbuster Alice In Wonderland movie doesn't come out til 2010 but we can get a good idea of how it's going to look. Disney has just released a few portraits of some of the actors in full costume. The movie looks like it's going to be great, with a star-studded cast featuring...
    Posted to Weblog by cstanton on 06-22-2009
  • Great Surf, Great Music, Great Film, Sipping Jetstreams

    I was just looking through a collection of old torrents the other day and I came across this one particular surf video that I had completely forgotten about. I have no idea how I could forget about it because it is probably my favorite surf video of all time. I'm not really big into surfing myself...
    Posted to Weblog by cstanton on 06-22-2009
  • Mickey Rourke: The Tattered Prince of Hollywood

    “I’m a broken down piece of meat, and I deserve to be all alone.” The words flow with ease and familiarity from Mickey Rourke’s mouth. If he were to have uttered this golden line only a year or two earlier, it would have made much more sense: “I’m a broken down piece of meat,” Mickey Rourke said as he...
    Posted to Weblog by cjs06e on 01-12-2009
  • Re: the strangers

    update: still haven't gone to see it, but i noticed it's gone from three showing a day to one showing in the afternoon. i think this means it'll hit the dollar theater within a couple weeks. as far as "the point" of horror movies? i think it's like the attraction people have...
    Posted to Forum by emcee christmas on 07-02-2008
  • marjane satrapi's persepolis

    during the achaemenid dynasty, persepolis was (as you may recall from high school world history class) the ancient riverside site first chosen by cyrus the great and then built up by darius the great to stand as the center of the persian empire. fastforward a couple thousand plus years, and persepolis...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 07-01-2008
  • cheap thrills: things to do for under $10 (item nine)

    this is a good time of year to start thinking of cheap thrills that involve air conditioning. everyone knows about hanging out at the movie theater to beat the heat, but did you know you can go to the movies on the cheap? you can, with the dollar theater! if you're anything like me, a spontaneous...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 05-12-2008
  • movie event at tall timbers research station, saturday may 10th

    straight from my email inbox to my blog with no additional commentary other than this: scroll down past the description to find even details for showtimes, ticketing info and the like. APALACHICOLA RIVERKEEPER HOSTS THE WILD AND SCENIC ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL ON TOUR ~ Fundraiser at Tall Timbers...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 05-09-2008
  • a movie i will watch more than once: no country for old men

    why do we call it the dollar theater and then pay a dollar and three quarters to get in? and why does the fella at the box office harass people who pay with a jackson? i believe he referred to it as a "big bill" while trying his hardest to shame the lady in line ahead of me. perhaps he forgot...
    Posted to Weblog by emcee christmas on 03-11-2008
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