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  • Must Have Mac Applications – From Beginner to Power User the Apps you Need and Want!

    I just thought I would make a list of some of my favorite Mac applications. Some of them are very basic and people don't know that much about computers and some are for the “Power User” someone who can hold their own in a computer discussion. The Basics FireFox – You have got to get FireFox it has...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 01-11-2010
  • Mini Squadron Game for iPhone

    Mini Squadron is a little game for your iphone that is sure to capture your attention. It's simple and fun as you fly around shooting down planes, helicopters, and UFOs. The controls are simple using a left side joystick and a right side fire button. The game offers multiple levels, unlock able planes...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 12-23-2009
  • The Best Southern Style Sweet Tea Recipe

    Photo credit: I think I have finally perfected the southern sweet tea. I have to say my sweet tea is delicious and sweet but must importantly it’s dark and strong with a really smooth flavor. How do you accomplish this? I’ll tell you. What...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 07-08-2009
  • Top 10 Terms Used in "Top 10 of 2008 Lists"

    1. Top (tie) 1. Ten (tie) 1. 2008 (tie) 1. List (tie) 5. Best (tie) 5. Worst (tie) 7. Movies (tie) 7. Books (tie) 7. Websites (tie) 7. Games (tie)
    Posted to Forum by Raikus on 12-23-2008
  • Best Free OSX Applications – Must Have Mac Programs

    Here is my list of the best free programs that I have found for the Mac OSX. These programs are awesome and you should get everyone of them. Okay on with the show. Adium – Great little application that’s a multi-client instant message software. The skins are customizable and it works with all your IM...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 12-12-2008
  • Chrono Trigger is coming for the DS!!!

    One of the major reasons I originally invested in a Gameboy Advance (and later, a DS) was due to the Final Fantasy ports for the system. I've had countless hours spend replaying the old RPG titles and I'm always on the lookout for more of my childhood favorites being reissued. And now Chrono...
    Posted to Forum by Raikus on 12-11-2008
  • Black Friday Deals 2008 - The Best Deals Out There

    I've compiled a list of some of the best deals in multiple categories. This year's "must go" store winners are Best Buy and Circuit City. The sales trend seems to be HDTVs, GPS and digital camera with a disappointing turnout for laptop, desktop and MP3 deals. *It's important to...
    Posted to Weblog by Raikus on 11-17-2008
  • Black Friday Deals 2008 - Your Game Plan

    It's that wonderful time of year again. The weather is cooling, people are getting into the giving mood and businesses are trying to turn their numbers from red to black. That means that it's the season for great deals! I've been a Black Friday fan for about a decade now. I buy about 70%...
    Posted to Weblog by Raikus on 11-17-2008
  • Some Really Cool Spore Creatures

    Saw some really cool Spore creatures that I found online. I thought that I would share them with you guys. I have created some of my own creatures but I don't think that my creatures came out as good as some of these.
    Posted to Forum by willburns1 on 11-12-2008
  • Youtube All-Stars - The best of Youtube

    Youtube All-Stars These are some of my favorite and some of the most notorious youtube videos ever. The collection is not complete there are other hugely popular ones out there but these are my favorites. [YouTube:v/5P6UU6m3cqk&hl=en&fs=1] baby laughing - you have go to love this on huge amounts...
    Posted to Forum by willburns1 on 10-16-2008
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