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  • I want a cheese that can drive women crazy!

    By Tim Cerantola If you were to ask me, Tim, as a media professional who knows absolutely nothing about advertising, what would you say is the most effective way to advertise a product on TV? Well, judging by what I’ve seen of TV ads I’d say, first, assume that the entire viewing audience is completely...
    Posted to Forum by blogoffanddie on 01-02-2009
  • Nostratimus’ Predictions for 2009 - Get next year's news now!

    Next Year’s News Now… By Timo Cerantola Well, it’s that time again when all of us psychics make our predictions for the coming new year. Now I must admit that I’m a bit light in the psychic department - though I do have regular psychotic episodes if that’s any consolation - not to mention the word ‘psychotic...
    Posted to Forum by blogoffanddie on 01-01-2009
  • Why I Should Be President

    This is in response to Writer Lady's post HERE . Dear Writer Lady, I wanted to inform you that if things don't work out with Obama, you could always be my running mate. I realize you are a woman and that fact alone will cause massive amounts of voters to turn against me, but I am confident enough...
    Posted to Weblog by mike on 09-26-2008
  • The Nun, the Rabbi, and George Busch

    A nun, a rabbi, and George Busch walk into a bar. They sit down next to each other and all three order drinks. The nun asks for a water. The rabbi orders a small glass of wine. Before George Busch can place his order, the bar tender looks at all three and says,"What is this, a joke?"
    Posted to Forum by mike on 05-09-2008
  • What's Up With Cheerleaders?

    In High school we used to have pep rallies to get us all pumped up for the football games. Now I will freely admit, there wasn't much to cheer for with our resounding 0 win football season. Our fans flipped out when the quarterback actually got to throw the ball before he got sacked. But there was...
    Posted to Weblog by mike on 04-14-2008
  • Disorder in the Courts Part 1

    Disorder in the Courts Part 1 Each trial has two lawyers. The job of one is to uphold justice, and the job of the other is to obstruct it. If an innocent man spends life in prison or a murderer walks free, it is because one of the lawyers successfully swayed the jury and thwarted justice. Just like our...
    Posted to Weblog by admin on 03-03-2008
  • Tech Support Calls Part 2

    Tech Support Calls Part 2 Some people just can’t seem to wrap their heads around technology. No matter how hard we try, some people just don’t get it. Here are yet more reports of some of the kinds of calls received by tech support staff. An IBM customer had trouble installing software and rang for support...
    Posted to Weblog by mike on 02-29-2008
  • CLASSIFIED: Ads Part 3

    CLASSIFIED: Ads Part 3 "Government employer looking for candidates. Criminal background required." "Tired of cleaning yourself? Let me do it." Sometimes a misplaced or missing word can cause an embarrassing mistake. Sometimes simple changes in the structure of a sentence can completely...
    Posted to Weblog by mike on 02-28-2008
  • Strange State Laws: Colorado

    State Laws: Colorado "One may not mutilate a rock in a state park. It is illegal to mistreat rats in Denver, Colorado. Catapults may not be fired at buildings. It is illegal to let a dandelion grow within the city limits. Cats may not run loose without having been fit with a taillight." Colorado...
    Posted to Weblog by mike on 02-26-2008
  • Tech Support Calls Part 1

    Tech Support Calls Part 1 Our world is becoming more and more dependent on technology, but many of us that have not grown up with computers have trouble adjusting to their use in everyday life. My seven-year-old sister could turn the computer on, boot up her Winnie-the-Pooh game and play it without any...
    Posted to Weblog by mike on 02-25-2008
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