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  • Fish Robots - Useless But Cool

    Masamichi Hayashi, the president of the marine education establishment kyg-lab, is a determined teacher and has dedicated hours and hours of his time to teaching children how fish move and their habits. Seriously, how fish move. And whats better than showing them a video of a real fish? Letting them...
    Posted to Weblog by cstanton on 02-03-2010
  • Reverse Evolution

    Scientists are always going on about evolution. You rarely hear of an unusual or amazing trait in nature without "it evolved this defense" or "this creature evolved to be capable of doing this" tacked onto it somehow. This process of adaptation is known as Micro-Evolution, which means...
    Posted to Forum by BioBlogger on 12-08-2008
  • Sick Fish

    Fish can be very hard to care for at times. There are many diseases that fish can contract which will put your whole ecosystem in jeopardy. That's exactly what happened to my 55 gallon fish tank. One of my fish was apparently sick when I brought it home, but I really couldn't tell for a while...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 09-19-2008
  • Ike's good at catching fish

    So after Ike's distruction was over and everyone went outside to see what the damage was they discovered that the storm had lodged fish into chain link fences. how cool is that? I imagine that they really were not in the mood to fully appreciate how funny it is but i guess they can be thankful that...
    Posted to Weblog by willburns1 on 09-17-2008
  • Breeding Tank

    Last night I set up a 10 gallon fish tank to accommodate all the fish that have been breeding in my tank lately. I set it up much like my 55 gallon tank, but changed a few of its features to make it better for the baby fish. I added a lot of shelter to the tank. Most species of Fish are notorious for...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 06-25-2008
  • Re: Breeding Guppies

    Fancy-tailed guppies usually come in a few fairly basic color groups, the most common of which are predominantly green, blue, or red. There are certain patterns and traits that are typical among each color group, so when you breed guppies of different colors, you might end up mixing both colors and patterns...
    Posted to Forum by Jon on 06-16-2008
  • Re: Algae in the Aquarium

    Hey, at least you ain't got no algae growin' on your back like a sloth. I mean, if I got algae on my back, I don't know what I'd do! Maybe I'd scrub it off with a loofa in the shower. But then I'd have to take showers.
    Posted to Forum by Slothra on 06-10-2008
  • Re: Algae in the Aquarium

    What you have is a self-perpetuating problem. Why do you need an algae eater? To get rid of the algae! But you need algae to keep the algae eater alive, so you find yourself having to increase your problem in order to keep your solution going strong. Sounds like the bureaucratic process in a nutshell...
    Posted to Forum by Jon on 06-10-2008
  • Re: How to Start a Freshwater Aquarium: Setup

    Your tank is so amazing it should be on display somewhere. You've really done a great job building the ecosystem that's required for the various kinds of freshwater fish you have. It's obviously working out - you've even got "babiiiiiiieeees!". It impresses me every time I see...
    Posted to Forum by Cae on 06-06-2008
  • How to Start a Freshwater Aquarium: Setup

    First, gather the materials you will need for your tank. Once these are all together you're ready to set up your aquarium. Before you do anything, put the background on your tank. It will be much harder to do once you have the tank in place, so get it out of the way first. Now set up the stand and...
    Posted to Forum by mike on 05-21-2008
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