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  • Indian Heroes?

    I don't know anything about this but I saw it on a blog.  American Heroes:     Indian Heroes?: 
    Posted to Heroes (Forum) by Narutofan on 10-10-2008
  • The New Heroes Season

    Hey, does anyone know when Heroes is playing now? I heard it's back on the air. I can't seem to find it anywhere but I really want to get back into it. I used to watch it all the time. It was one of my favorite shows. Now I'm sure I'm a few episodes behind and I can't find where to watch them online either. NBC usually has its ...
    Posted to Heroes (Forum) by Narutofan on 09-24-2008
  • Re: Favorite TV Shows

    You guys probably can't guess what my favorite TV show is.... Naruto! Yep, it's a great show and I really enjoy it. Sure it's intended for Japanese teenagers, but it's still lots of fun for adults too. I also like Heroes and The Office. Both are really entertaining for their own reasons. I have never been a fan of CSI myself. I ...
    Posted to Television (Forum) by Narutofan on 09-24-2008
  • Re: Ledge Grapple With Shiek

    But there is something so much cooler about her ninja-like explosion and vanishing into thin air. I also love when I can pull off the move close enough to someone to make them explode. It's one of the biggest insults on Smash to be blasted to death with Shiek's recovery move.
    Posted to Gameplay Secrets (Forum) by Narutofan on 09-24-2008
  • Re: What Ninja Power Would You Like Most?

    Oh man, if we had ninjas in the Olympics, we would be in big trouble. They would turn the swimming competitions into the hundred meter dash. I'm sure Tenten would make sure the discus throwing event was no competition. Summoned frogs would make the high jump a breeze.
    Posted to Naruto (Forum) by Narutofan on 08-12-2008
  • Re: Dynasty Warriors 6

    I bet that puts a whole new dimension to the game when these characters have much more significance than "The sword guy" or "The fat ugly one". It must be quite a series to have to many colorful characters.  
    Posted to XBox 360 Games (Forum) by Narutofan on 08-08-2008
  • Re: Absent Minded Parents Leave Child in Airport

    How awkward would that be to have to approach a mother and say, hi, mam, uhh... you forgot your child at the airport... I can't imagine the parents felt very good about themselves or their poor child. I bet they felt much worse when they hit the international news. The moral of the story: Don't forget your kid or you may face certain ...
    Posted to World News (Forum) by Narutofan on 08-08-2008
  • Re: Guide to DK

    If you want to be really good with Donkey Kong, you will need to get your playing style to match his personality. Sulk in the corner and charge up his fist. When he's good and fuming, wait for the right time and strike with a good KO punch. If you stand your ground and beat up anyone who comes close, you can do quite well. Timing is very ...
    Posted to Donkey Kong (Forum) by Narutofan on 08-08-2008
  • Re: The Dark Knight

    I think Batman Begins was my favorite Batman movie. It explained so much and made the character so much more real. And the fact that Batman was trained as a ninja explains his ninja-like tendencies. It really gives you a look at the man behind the mask. In other Batman movies, the whole character was rather plastic, not just his outfit. I ...
    Posted to Movie Reviews (Forum) by Narutofan on 07-23-2008
  • Re: The Incredible Hulk

    It's a good thing you reminded me about this movie. I nearly forgot to go see the new one. Sometimes I'm just in the mood for some good clean superhero rampage. It makes movies better when they have some plot to them. Sometimes you just need a little backbone in your movies.
    Posted to Movie Reviews (Forum) by Narutofan on 07-18-2008
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