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  • The Origins of the Economic Crisis and China's Rare Earth Mineral Advantage

    Lillian: This financial crisis began around 40 years ago as a result of new emerging technologies including satellites, computers, internet as well as container ships that allowed for quick delivery. With all the new technologies in transportation and communication, company managers realized they could make more money hiring foreign workers and ...
    Posted to Cartoons (Weblog) by cartoon on 01-05-2011
  • It's Hard to Get a Job Nowadays Unless You're Creative...

    Kathy: My dad finally found a job and he has a pretty good salary although he has to work long hours. George: He is lucky!My dad and mom have been looking for a job for more than 2 years now and they cant find anything at all. Kathy: Well, my dad realized that one has to become very creative in order to get a job in this economy. He found an ...
    Posted to Cartoons (Weblog) by cartoon on 12-20-2010
  • The Need for a Second Economic Stimulus and the Deficit Problem

    George: The economy is once again moving towards recession. I believe we are going to need a second economic stimulus soon. Alice: I think so too, however, I dont think a new stimulus will be as effective as you think it will. George: Why not? Alice: Well, in the 1930s the approach was excellent; Keynes was right. When the government ...
    Posted to Cartoons (Weblog) by cartoon on 10-13-2010
  • Our Dark Economic Future

      Drew: I believe the economic crisis has already lasted three years. I feel so insecure! I dont know if my job is going to be there for me tomorrow. I wonder how much longer we are going to have to wait before things get back to normal.   Janet: I read recently that the Congressional Budget Office did a thorough statistical analysis ...
    Posted to Cartoons (Weblog) by cartoon on 09-20-2010
  • Does the Economy Need a Stimulus or Should We Just Stop Borrowing?

    Peter: Geithner and the Obama administration have already spent so much to stimulate the economy that we have a very large debt because of the gigantic stimulus program that was implemented. It is time to leave things in the hands of private business they are the one who really know what to do.   Sara: Well that is what Europe and the US ...
    Posted to Cartoons (Weblog) by cartoon on 09-08-2010
  • Helping to Save the Economy

    Gloria: I have become a pessimist, I just kind of, lost hope. When I think about the European debt the mediocre economic growth we have attained, high unemployment here and around the world, a weak Real Estate and construction and market and the slow down in manufacturing production I cant help but to believe in a gloomy future for our ...
    Posted to Cartoons (Weblog) by cartoon on 08-18-2010
  • Paul the Octopus Explains the Future of the Economy

    Arthur: On August 3, 2010 Timothy Geithner wrote an article in the NYT titled welcome to the recovery. In this article although Geithner recognized how devastating the economic crisis has been and that it will take a long time until full recovery is achieved he also said he felt positive about the results attained so far and optimist about the ...
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  • Paul II the Octopus Predicts a World Economic Depression for 2011 - Part 2

    Read Part 1 here. Part 1 can be found here.
    Posted to Cartoons (Weblog) by cartoon on 07-29-2010
  • 2011: A World Economic Depression

    Brenda: Europes economic austerity plan has saving the Euro as its main objective. However, once implemented, it will tank the European economy for more than a decade. Judy: Right. Also, many of the benefits that European workers have attained through the years will be lost. For instance: an early retirement plan, free health care for everyone ...
    Posted to Cartoons (Weblog) by cartoon on 07-06-2010
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