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  • Re: Guide to Fox

    Fox is one of my least favorite people to fight. Samus is great for damaging people with her projectiles and finishing them off with a huge charged up burst of energy. But when they can bounce your projectiles right back and make them kill you, it really makes it hard to fight them. I'd say Fox is Samus's biggest weakness. I don't even ...
    Posted to Fox (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-20-2008
  • Re: Guide to Ike

    OH MY GOSH this guy is SLOW. He would be great if he had ANY projectiles at all to shoot at people. His moves do some crazy damage, but you just about have to stand your ground and fight in one spot with him. Charging in with him full force is just gonna get you knocked back before you can get a hit on them. And if your enemy has projectiles... ...
    Posted to Ike (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-20-2008
  • Re: Guide to Diddy Kong

     Man talk about annoying. If you leave him alone, he can throw banana peels all over the place and make you slip whenever you walk around. And he shoots you with PEANUTS of all things. His physical attack combo does a lot of fast damage too. He really is a good likeness to his Donkey Kong Country games. He moves almost exactly the same ...
    Posted to Diddy Kong (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-20-2008
  • Re: Meta Knight's Special Moves

    That little guy is a PAIN. He's like a bat outta starbucks. He acts like he's got so much caffeine in his system and he's really cranky and jittery. He will rip you up so fast you don't know what hit you. He's hard to hit too and hes got wings. All the characters with wings are extra hard to KO off the sides cuz they can just ...
    Posted to Meta Knight (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-20-2008
  • Re: Guide to Sonic

    Sonic is such a pain to fight against in a brawl. 1 on 1 he's not so bad cuz you can just sit there and hit him when he's closeby, but in a full out Brawl, he can fly across the screen and nail you from out of nowhere. And his final smash is just AWFUL. He's so fast you can barely see him zipping around like that and he will KO you in ...
    Posted to Sonic (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-20-2008
  • Re: New iPhone launch may be delayed.

    I'm still holding my breath on these new iPhones. I cant wait till they release the new hardware to go with the new Software Development features. I'm hoping they make some really good games to go with it so we can have a really good PSP/Nintendo DS level handheld gaming console in our phones. If they get enough games I think ill have to ...
    Posted to iPhone News (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-19-2008
  • re: Reality Check Closed for Construction

    Im lovin the changes on the forums so far. I actually want to post on the forums now. Keep up the good work.
    Posted to Reality Check (Weblog) by ShadowSamus on 03-19-2008
  • Re: Who do you main?

    Im gonna go with... ummm... SAMUS! You just don't get a better character than that. And now with the new Zero Suit transformation, its like mastering another character all over again. I'm still getting used to using the final smashes to switch back and forth between her armor suits. Right now im actually staying away from the smash balls ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-19-2008
  • Re: Getting Used to the New Controls

    I'm still torn between the control styles. The Game cube ones are always good cuz theyre easy to use and im still familiar with them. The Wiimote ones are a lot easier to use cuz they have no wires, and theyre really comfortable. Theyre really ergonomically designed so they feel much better in your hands after hours of playing. I think ill ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-19-2008
  • Re: Customized Control Style

     Yeha, tell me about it. Those cube controllers get beat up so fast it's like impossible to keep them working right. I have one that makes me always run to the left, and one you cant hardly move with, and one that has a stuck B button. I wonder if the classic controllers will work better.
    Posted to How To Play (Forum) by ShadowSamus on 03-18-2008
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