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  • BlackBerry users boring.

    Even though its just six months old, the Apple iPhone is a major driver of mobile Web consumption, while traditional smartphone users remain focused primarily just on e-mail and messaging. According to the M:Metrics January Benchmark Survey 85 percent of iPhone users accessed online information that month, compared with 58.2 percent of the wider ...
    Posted to User Reviews (Forum) by Rodger on 03-21-2008
  • Vodaphone Not happy in Germany

    A German court overturned a temporary injunction against T-Mobile which had ordered the wireless carrier to offer Apples iPhone to its customers unlocked and without a service contract. Can this be linked back to the deep pockets of Vodaphone? Hey its their fault for not getting the contract with Apple in the first place. Now T-Mobile can go ...
    Posted to iPhone News (Forum) by Rodger on 03-19-2008
  • New iPhone launch may be delayed.

    AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson stated that the next-generation of the iPhone will be sporting a 3G radio and will be available in 2008. Now, he didn't mention when in 2008, but other rumors have indicated that a Q1 2008 launch was in the works. Well that time has all but passed and the revised launch window predicted to extend into ...
    Posted to iPhone News (Forum) by Rodger on 03-19-2008
  • Bye Bye Blackberry

    I think the new software for the iPhone will be the last nail in the Blackberry coffin. This new software is a huge deal. Now the iPhone can become a useful tool to the Nth degree. But you say wait there are systems using palm OS or a Microsoft mobile OS. First off anything running on a Microsoft mobile OS will not work in a reliable and ...
    Posted to User Reviews (Forum) by Rodger on 03-14-2008
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