Note: This Contest Has Expired. We will be posting a new contest soon!

Blogiversity Contest

Blogiversity is kicking off 2009 with a huge prize contest for our bloggers. And when we say huge, we mean HUGE. The top three Blogiversity bloggers will be walking away with either a Toshiba 15.4" Satellite Pro L300 laptop, an Apple iPod Touch or an Amazon Kindle!

What's the catch? We want you to write blogs. That's it. Write good, quality blogs, promote them and win one of our excellent prizes. The contest starts January 1st, 2009 and ends February 28th, 2009. During this two month period, we're asking for a minimum of 15 blogs -- although, the more blogs you post, the larger chance you'll make it to the final five. The bloggers with the top five highest point totals will become finalists and have their top 15 blogs judged by the Blogiversity panel of judges. You get points for every blog you post (over 250 words), every view and comment you receive and your overall rating. Write about whatever you'd like to (as long as it's within the Blogiversity terms of service) and if it's a quality, well-written blog that gets readers' attention, you're going to rack up the points and walk away with a fine prize! Each of the top three finishers will have a choice of what prize they'd like to receive: a Toshiba laptop, Apple 16GB iPod Touch or an Amazon Kindle!

Here's the fine print. Please read over in detail.

Contest rules

  • Contest starts January 1st and ends February 28th.
  • All blogs must meet the Blogiversity terms of service.
  • You must submit a MINIMUM of 15 blogs during this period to be eligible for the prizes.
  • Each blog must be a MINIMUM of 250 words in order to count towards your total.
  • The 5 bloggers with the highest point values at the end of the contest will move onto the finals.
Point values are determined by:
  • 5 points – Creation of a new blog post
  • 1 point – Comment on your blog post
  • .5 points – Every view received on your blog page
  • 10 points – Per full star on the overall blog rating
The 5 blogger finalists will have their top 15 blogs judged by a panel of Blogiversity judges and awarded a score based on:
  • Quality of the writing (grammar and syntax)
  • Relevance (how interesting the subject matter is)
  • Style (humor or depth of research)
Bloggers are allowed to do the following:
  • Promote blogs by posting links on other websites to Blogiversity.
  • Post as many blogs during the contest period that meet the minimum word requirements as the blogger feels necessary.
  • Use websites like Digg, Stumble, MySpace, Facebook, etc. to promote their Blogiversity blogs.
Bloggers will be disqualified from the contest if they:
  • Create multiple user accounts to comment and rate their blog posts.
  • Steal, reuse or plagiarize any existing blogs.
  • Spam post comments in their blog comment section.
What are you waiting for? Register now and get started!
Please Note: Blogiversity has used "points" in the past for users who post. You may notice point totals when viewing user profiles. These points do not count towards the current contest and hold no value for the contest's duration. All points will be turned off during the contest to ensure fairness and to avoid confusion.

Blogiversity reserves the right to change or cancel its contests at any time. All points and prizes awarded are subject entirely to the discretion of Blogiversity staff and not limited to strict adherence to the above guidelines. Blogiversity is not legally or otherwise bound to these guidelines.