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People and dog lookalikes

Last post 05-20-2008 2:24 PM by mike. 2 replies.
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  • 05-02-2008 11:53 AM

    People and dog lookalikes

    When I look at the massive jaw muscles on our bulldog, I realize how crazy I must have been to adopt a dog with the potential to chomp down hard and rip my son's arm off. She occasionally gives us a nip out of over exuberance during play, or one of those flea-chewing nibbles out of excited affection, but other than that, we've been very lucky.

    I wonder if Cindy McCain ever feels the same way? My husband and I saw John McCain at exactly the right angle, and at exactly the same time time we said "McCain's got jaw muscles just like Peaches!" It's pretty darned funny!

    Have you noticed?

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    Re: People and dog lookalikes

    I used to always think about this. My next door neighbor has a Boston Terrier and she looked like she was part of the family; it was nuts! My cousins have dashunds...but I don't think they look like them. *shrugs* 

    I have a German Shepard makes me wonder what that says about me now?!?

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    • mike
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    Re: People and dog lookalikes

    Dogs really do tend to resemble their owners. Here's a couple good look-alikes. They may not always look visibly like their owners but they really seem to take after their owners' personality. Dogs really seem to grow up depending on how they are raised and I have found that you can tell a lot about someone by how their dog acts.  



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