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Brick as Himself – Borderlands Brick, Berserk Class Character Breakdown

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  • 10-22-2009 12:35 PM

    Brick as Himself – Borderlands Brick, Berserk Class Character Breakdown


    Brick is the heavy handed boxer thats specializes in explosive weapons and killing things with his fists.  Brick's special attack is called going Bezserk, your screen turns a little red you get a little faster and you can now punch with both hands dealing out some serious damage to enemies at arms length. When you use your skill points you can make Brick lounge when he punches. Giving the enemies less time to shoot you.    

    Action Skills: Berserker: Delivering hammer punches while exhibiting extreme damage resistance and accelerated healing.

    Skill Tree:
    1. Brawler - Berserk episodes lengthen with shorter cool down, and he hits harder.
    2.Tank - health and shield resistance increase; briefly invulnerability after a kill
    3. Blaster – More lethal explosions, faster reloading and rocket regeneration.

    So what is all that trying to say? Well I believe that the brick character is designed to be the demolition guy. He should be the one that blows up the vehicles that take down the big boss characters. He has a lot of power and can deliver a lot of damage when close to his enemies. It definitely helps to have a Brick on your side to go Berserk and kill a bunch of enemies.

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