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Getting to Northrend

Last post 11-21-2008 9:24 PM by Squeak. 2 replies.
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  • 11-20-2008 10:53 AM

    Getting to Northrend

    When I got the Wrath expansion, the first thing I asked was how do I get to the new areas? I couldn't get a direct answer until I tracked down someone already in Northrend. It turns out there are two separate starting areas in Northrend, each on opposite sides of the continent. You can get to the Borean Tundra on the West side by sailing on the boat on the far right side of the docks in Stormwind. You can access the Howling Fjord on the East coast by taking the far right boat from Menethil harbor. The Northrend boats are far bigger than the old boats. Just be careful not to hop on the one that doesn't that never leaves the harbor. I was waiting on that boat for a long time before I realized it just doesn't ever leave.

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    Re: Getting to Northrend

     I'v been to Northrend! Great Parties!

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    For the Horde

    For those on the other side of the fence, you reach Northrends via zeppelins.

    If you wish to go to Howling Fjord, you must travel to Undercity. The zepp tower is located next to your usual Orgrimmar/Grom'gol tower but is a shorter tower with a distinctly different model (they look like sharks to me).

    To travel to Borean Tundra, you must leave from Orgrimmar. If you're departing from the capital city, you will need to take a right and there is a new zepp tower here. It is not placed near your usual Undercity/Grom'gol tower.

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