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Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

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  • 09-24-2008 5:39 PM

    Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

    Bagelheads is one of the best sandwich shops in town, and by far the best bagel shop. I can say as an insider, they really do use only the finest quality ingredients. The bagels are made with care and baked fresh all day long. The meats and cheeses are all top quality Boar's Head brand. Everything is lean and healthy.It serves up fresh made-from-scratch bagels each day.

    I used to work there and I made the bagels from scratch each morning. Many of my friends have worked in restaurants and would NEVER eat the food because they saw what went into it. I ate Bagelheads almost every day for months, and I still love eating there. I actually end up craving their sandwiches from time to time. The only real problem is they are only open until 2 PM each day, so I rarely get a chance to stop by.

    They do have a system where you can call ahead and order your food to pick up when you get there. This is really handy for those days when you just don't have time for breakfast. They also have an excellent selection of coffees and smoothies which are great for helping you wake up. If you need to feed a lot of people, they handle some serious catering jobs as well. The staff is very friendly and helpful. If you haven't eaten there, I really recommend giving it a try.


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    Re: Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

    I don't know man I have never really gone to Bagelheads but I have to say that its hard to beat Panara  and Atlanta Bread . I have had just about everything on the menu and it's all good. They have bagels in the morning and sandwiches and salads as well as soups. Everything is always as fresh as can be. My favorite bagel is the cinnamon crunch bagel. It is to die for. I don't know if bagelheads can keep up. I'll have to try them and see what I think of them. Maybe I'll get a dozen bagels and bring them into the office one day.

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    • mike
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    Re: Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

    Oh you haven't lived until you've had a Fruit Wave Cobbler bagel from Bagelheads. It's a blueberry/strawberry bagel with cinnamon-sugar sprinkled on top. They have all kinds of varieties of bagels and every one is delicious. They also offer soups, sandwiches of all kinds, delicious salads, calzones, and muffins. They also have excellent fresh cream cheeses in a wide variety of flavors. They have a huge selection of coffees and flavors, as well as smoothies and flavored frappuccinos. You should definitely give it a try. Your only regret will be when you become addicted.

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    Re: Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

    All time best bagel: lightly toasted rosemary and olive oil bagel with lox, capers and a little cream cheese. Brought to you by Breuggers.

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    • Jon
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    Re: Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

         I can't compare Bagelheads to Panera or the Atlanta Bread Company, but I can compare it to Brueggers. Brueggers bagels are usually pretty tough and firm compared to Bagelheads. They're also a little smaller. I think I've only had a couple kinds of Bagelheads' savory bagels, but if you want a soft, sweet bagel absolutely loaded with fruit, sugar, or some other kind of goodness, I'd definitely recommend Bagelheads.

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    Re: Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

    All you guys have to go to Panera in the morning sometime and get a bagel. They are great.  

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    Re: Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

    Where is Panera? I'm always on the look-out for great places to eat.
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    Re: Bagelheads Bagel Shop in Tallahassee

     panera is in blair stone and park near the mall.

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