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Google Earth

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  • 07-16-2008 4:28 PM

    • mike
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    Google Earth

    If you're interested in Geography, you should really give Google Earth a try. This is an interactive 3D globe composed of satellite images that cover the entire planet. This program allows you to freely rotate and zoom into any location on the earth. You can zoom out to see the world from space, or zoom in so close you can see your own house.


    Google Earth isn't just a flat globe either. It actually shows the 3D topography of the world and lets you fly across its surface. You can actually zoom in and look around as if you were standing in that place on the globe. Places like the Grand Canyon have very high level of detail and 3D modeling. Some of the most impressive cities in the world have detailed 3D buildings which can be enabled to show the full skyline from any angle. 



    Aside from these features, Google Earth allows you to hide or show labels for borders, roads, and everything else you could see on a map. You can also show food, lodging, monuments, and many other features. In some places of high interest, you can look at photos of a location, and see more information on that place.


    As if the earth wasn't enough, they recently added a new feature that comes with Google Earth. You can look up to the sky from any location in the world and see what the stars look like from that exact spot. You can zoom further in and see detailed telescope images of the far reaches of space.


    I highly recommend trying this program. It's completely free and well worth giving a try. You can download it here: 

    Download Google Earth

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    Re: Google Earth

     I really love Google Earth. Lately I've been infatuated with Greenland (no idea why) and I've used it to look at the terrain all around its coast. Even from the bird's eye view it is fascinating stuff. Even when you're bored you can give the globe a spin and see where it lands. You'll learn a bit more every time you do it.

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