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How Does Warp Jamming Work?

Last post 07-01-2008 5:22 PM by Azual. 4 replies.
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  • 06-30-2008 11:00 AM

    How Does Warp Jamming Work?

    It seems the most devastating thing in combat is warp jamming. Instead of being free to warp out at a moments notice, you find yourself pinned and unable to escape. I was under the impression that you could stop warp jamming if you equipped a couple warp stabilizers, but my first pod killing experience indicated otherwise. How do you stop from being warp jammed, and is there a way to make sure you can't possibly be jammed? Also how do you jam the warping of others?
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    Re: How Does Warp Jamming Work?

    As I understand it: Each stabilizer negates one scrambler, so if you have three stabilizers vs. two scrambler you win and can warp out (I don't know what is when it's a tie like 3 vs. 3).

    Now the bad part: Even some Tech 1 scrambler have a strength of 2.

    I guess the best way is drop the stabilizers and equip electronic warfare stuff - like an ECM Burst or anything else that will cause them to lose their lock on you. That's the main part: If they can't target you, they can't scramble you (I won't start about stationary warp distrubtion bubbles). ECM causes them to lose the target lock and keeps it that way for I think 20 seconds which might be enough time to warp out - I don't need to remind you that they can't shoot at you either (although I don't know about FoF missiles).

    As for jamming others: You train the skills, fit at least one scrambler, target them (use a passive targeter to surprise them), activate the scrambler - voilá.

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    Re: How Does Warp Jamming Work?

    I didn't even think about ECM bursts. You could align for warp, jam, then get into warp before they can drop you dead and you don't have to train fill up your low slots with all those warp stabilizers. I'll have to train that skill, it sounds a lot more useful. Is there a way to counter ECMs? I have a feeling serious PVPers would probably see that coming.

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    Re: How Does Warp Jamming Work?

    Of course there is a way: ECCM (strangely enough found also under Electronic Warfare on the market). ECCM give a bonus to the sensor strength. The base idea is: Your ECM strength > their sensor strength + their ECCM bonus = they lose target lock.

    Ah yes, before I forget: The last option would be using a cloaking device but if I'm not mistaken, you can't warp when cloaked unless you fly certain vessels (force recon, covert ops and black ops) also if anything comes within 2 km of you you are decloaked.

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    Re: How Does Warp Jamming Work?

    These are all good suggestions. Personally, I think the best way to avoid being warp scrambled is to simply not be there to be scambled in the first place. Always watch who is in local, keep an eye on your overview in case someone warps in, and if possible, be aligned to something all the time (probably not possible when mining).

     Vs gate camps, the best defence against scrambing is to either be fast enough to get out of scram range (24k with a non-overheated tech 2 disruptor), or just warp fast enough that they can't get you locked down in time (nanofiber internal structures and inertia stabilizers). Warp core stabs will work against solo pvpers or gangs with very few tacklers, but against multiple tacklers you will usually find they are overwhelmed.

     Or ideally of course, have someone in a fast, cheap ship jump in ahead of you and give the ok.
    Oh and another thing... that's not quite how ecm works. If you have an ecm strength of say... 2 vs ladar, and the enemy has ladar sensor strength of 8, this means you will have a 25% chance each cycle of getting a successful jam.

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