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Last post 05-23-2008 9:52 AM by arceus. 1 replies.
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  • 05-22-2008 8:25 PM

    Guild Website

    Blogiversity is doing so good so far on World of Warcraft. Most guilds have their own personal website and since we are growing it would be a good idea to make our own website. Just another idea of the great geishary!! lol. Ill be back on WoW once i get a job and buy a new computer :(

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  • 05-23-2008 9:52 AM In reply to

    Re: Guild Website

    Guild websites can be nice but really what you need are forums for guildmates to communicate. It's sometimes aesthetically better to have your own customized look to a homepage, but most guild websites are nothing but a nice looking homepage with a link to their forums. My old guild had over 400 members and we were one of the top 10 guilds on the server, but we kept our forums and didn't find any need to go to our own site. Eventually one of our guildies decided to make us our own forum website with our own domain, which sounded great. But because everyone was so used to posting on the old forums, only about half of us moved to the new forums. With the guild split between forums, neither of our sites go the full attention of the guild and both got less and less used until both fell apart. So be careful that everyone is already into the idea before making any changes.

    You might do well to have a homepage with guild information and link it back to your current guild forums though. That wouldn't require any major changes but might add some of the aesthetics and personalization you're looking for.

    I'm sorry to hear you need a new computer. I know first hand how hard it is to lose your computer and be stuck offline. My old guild almost fell apart when my system was down for a month. I hope you get back up and running soon.  

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