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Freshwater Aquarium Fish: Danios

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  • 04-18-2008 5:55 PM

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    Freshwater Aquarium Fish: Danios

    Danios come in a wide variety of sizes and colors, but most exhibit similar traits. They are very active fish, tending to gravitate closer to the surface, but venturing all over the tank. They stay constantly in motion and really contribute to the action of the aquarium. They are easy to take care of and tend to be hardy fish. That and their usually low cost make them excellent beginner fish.

    Some of the most common are the Zebra Danios. I have a long finned Zebra Danio like the one pictured here.


    Glo-Fish are also a sub species of Zebra Danio.

    Leopard Danios are also widely popular.

    I have two Glo-Fish that actually have Leopard Danio markings. The pink one is especially interesting because its body is pink, but it has gold spots on its sides. This is a genetic mutation within the species.

    I recommend danios for those new to aquariums. They are relatively easy to keep. I have found they respond very badly to temperature changes. The fish store attendant once put one of mine into water from another tank and it promptly passed out. It spent most of the time on the way home floating on its back. But when I got it acclimated with my tank's temperature, it came to and in a couple hours was doing great. He's still one of my most active fish.  


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