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showcase of "Fallen" angels

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  • 08-07-2007 2:24 AM

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    showcase of "Fallen" angels

    The abc family orignial series Fallen pictured the world as it was said to be yet explained our entire biblical history with fallen angels.  In the

    show God's creation of human beings sparked a jealous Lucifer, latin for light bringer, to rebel and with the avenging angel Ezezial who leads a disgruntle groups of angels to rebel against God.  God created man because his first creation angels did not have a soul and therefore was not made in his image.

    Then rebels were over thrown and to make a long story short some went to earth to be free and party with the humans and Lucifer was trapped in hell.  God floods the earth to be rid of all the half breed children created by the fallen and purify his planet.  My point is after watching this show you start to wonder, what is the truth.  The slight dramatizations made by the show does seem to make a lot of sense and coincide  with alot of the other religious  beliefs from other time eras.  Why else would the Asians and all these other cultures believe in so many gods, but unless the supernatural fallen were here to lead them astray.  But what about the scientific theory of evolution?  I guess my real question is, when will we be able to come up with a comprehensive story that will leave no doubt and answer all points of view?


    Rhyco Out!
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