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No unread posts Fine Arts
"The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance" - Aristotle
Van Gogh's in Switzerland
07-08-2009 4:37 PM
19 19
No unread posts Business
"A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts." - Richard Branson
10-29-2009 4:10 AM
12 24
No unread posts Consciousness
"Consciousness: The Remembered Present" - Gerald M. Edelman
The Meaning of Death
03-15-2009 5:58 PM
14 14
No unread posts Economics
"Economy is the method by which we prepare today to afford the improvements of tomorrow" - Calvin Coolidge
02-17-2009 2:00 PM
21 24
No unread posts Education
"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one." - Malcolm S. Forbes
Developmental Psychologist...
12-01-2009 9:04 PM
15 19
No unread posts Foreign Language
"Those who know nothing of foreign languages, knows nothing of their own." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
10-05-2008 8:06 PM
14 15
No unread posts History
"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" - George Santayana
06-24-2009 2:32 PM
21 24
No unread posts Human Development
Part sociology, part current events: practical discussions regarding topical human behavior.
02-23-2009 6:03 PM
14 15
No unread posts Law
The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly." - Abraham Lincoln
How the Internet...
04-07-2009 1:00 PM
11 11
No unread posts Literature
"What is wonderful about great literature is that it transforms the man who reads it towards the condition of the man who wrote." - E.M. Forster
Sly humor and suspenseful...
11-04-2009 5:10 PM
26 37
No unread posts Mathematics
"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." - Albert Einstein
06-28-2009 4:49 PM
9 9
No unread posts Philosophy
"Science is what you know, philosophy is what you don't know." - Bertrand Russell
A rejuvenating force
11-04-2009 5:01 PM
19 23
No unread posts Politics
"The ballot is stronger than the bullet." - Abraham Lincoln
Waiting Outside...
02-20-2009 1:40 PM
14 17
No unread posts Psychology
"Psychology is the Science of Mental Life, both of its phenomena and their conditions." - William James
We May Be Born With...
12-01-2009 8:52 PM
19 27
No unread posts Social Science
"If it's far away, it's news, but if it's close at home, it's sociology." - James Reston
Subforum(s) Women's Issues
Story? Unforgettable...
12-01-2009 9:19 PM
23 27
No unread posts Academic News
What's new?
Subforum(s) Learning From Virginia Tech
40,000 D0LLARS PRIZE...
12-01-2009 9:12 PM
19 30
No unread posts Physical Sciences
Discussions on Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
Subforum(s) Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Marine Biology, Zoology
One Microbe as a...
12-01-2009 9:07 PM
73 80

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