Child Cage Fighting in the UK, Horrible or Misrepresented?

Published Thursday, September 22, 2011 12:29 PM

I came across a MailOnline article this morning that discussed the child cage fighting that is happening in Lancashire UK. The article referred to the matches as barbaric several times quoting several child friendly service like Safechild children’s charity who said ‘This is sick, absolutely disgraceful and I would call on social services to step in." The question I pose to you is, are theses matches a horrible thing that should be stopped, or are they simply misrepresented?

First go and read the article and take note as to how one-sided it is. Go ahead I'll wait for you to finish and come back……done? Good so what did you think? Yeah it's a little shocking but primarily with how it's represented. Sure it looks like a full contact UFC match like ringside lady, referee, and hoodies, but if you take note, way down at the bottom, only mentioned once in passing, the article says they are not allowed to hit each other. Yeah, they can't hit each other, no punching, kicking or striking. Lets see, are there other sports that are like UFC but with not punching, kicking or striking. Um yeah it's called wrestling and kids have been doing this activity for sport for decades.

Sure wrestling has head gear usually and rules about which holds they are allowed to use, but it's essentially the same thing. You take wrestling and combine it with martial arts and you get this. Sure it's dressed up a bit with a big ring and audience which is what makes it seem brutal and wrong. You move this activity to a martial arts studio with the big thick blue mat and all of a sudden it becomes okay.

I think the cameras, ring, referee, and the whole UFC treatment makes this activity seem wrong. Should they be wearing more pads, like headgear? I think so but does that alone make it wrong? Would I let my kid participate in this activity? No absolutely not, but that doesn't mean I think it's wrong. I don't think kid boxing, martial arts, or wrestling is wrong so why this?

This is just my opinion, however, being a guy that has played sports all his life I may have a skewed perspective. I have a feeling the person who wrote the article is probably a woman which might skew her perspective. So what is your perspective? Leave your comments below and we'll fight it out. 

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