Ikea Creates Game Room for Men so they can Skip out on Shopping

Published Wednesday, September 21, 2011 1:25 PM

This has got to be the best idea ever and I'm still not sure it's not a joke, however AdWeek and News.com.au seem to have confirmed it. Ikea has actually created a place called Mänland which is much like Smaland they created for kids. Wives and girlfriends can drop off their man at Mänland, which is stocked with Xbox 360s, pinball machines, foosball tables, free hot dog, big-screen TVs and arcade games, so the woman can take their time shopping in the store.

Even though I kind of like Ikea and don't mind walking around in there after a while it can get tiresome. This would be a welcome addition to my local Ikea, but I am a little confused by the 30 minute time limit. Ikea gives the woman a buzzer, just like they do with the kids, that buzzes after 30 minutes to remind them to pickup their man counterpart up from Mänland. In the video below they mention the 30 minute time limit, which seems pretty short and not enough time to even walk a quarter of Ikea. I don't get tired of shopping until we enter hour 2 of shopping. Seems 30 minutes isn't saving anyone from a 2 hour Ikea trip, but hey free hot dog right!  

Anyway I think it's an awesome Idea one that I would gladly participate in next time I go to an Ikea with a Mänland. HAHA Mänland, Epic Win!

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