Apple Releasing iPhone 5 on October 4th Rumors Say

Published Wednesday, September 21, 2011 12:42 PM

I know I know every day practically people are predicting when the new iPhone will come out, but I'm serious this time. According to AllthingsD and a source close to the situation Apple is planning a big media even on October 4th where they will unveil the next iPhone. Also according to the source plan is to make the device available for purchase a few weeks after the announcement.

This is one of the first times someone has made a believable exact date prediction and I for one believe it.  Everyone has been saying October is the likely launch month and cell carriers have been planning on buttoning down the hatches, so to speak, for the first half of the month. I think this is the date so all we need now is to wait for the invites to the event to start popping up all over the web on conformation.

Image and Story VIA AllThingsD
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