New Free UPS My Choice Service - Get an SMS Before Packages Arrive

Published Thursday, September 15, 2011 3:30 PM

UPS has a new service called My Choice which gives customers delivery alerts via SMS, email, or phone the day before the delivery. My Choice also gives you a 4 hour delivery window so you know a ballpark to when your package will arrive at it's location. You can also authorize the package to be left at your house when it requires a signature so you never have to get those missed delivery notes.

In addition to the services I mentioned above you can also choose to have your package left at a UPS facility for pickup. My Choice has premium features as well which allow you to Deliver to a UPS Retail Location, Reschedule Delivery, Deliver to Another Address, Plan a Delivery, Leave packages with a Neighbor. These features are in addition to the free ones and come at a cost of $40 a year. Deliver to a UPS Retail Location, Reschedule Delivery, and Deliver to Another Address are available to free My Choice users for a $5 fee per use.

All in all a pretty cool service and something that will take the hassle of getting a package.

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