Clean - Mac App that Cleans Your Desktop For You

Published Monday, September 12, 2011 12:58 PM

If there is one thing I can't stand it's someone with a messy desktop. I actually knew someone who didn't store any of their files in their Documents folder or any other subfolder for that matter. They actually had every file on their computer on their desktop. Not only is this not good for the computer, it's not good for organization and the usability of the computer.

Clean is a cool little app that will automatically every day or every week moves the content of your desktop to new folder marked with day or month depending on how you have it setup. This allows you to start each day or week with a fresh desktop. If you want files it moved from the desktop you can go to the folder it created and access them there.

You can have the app clean your desktop every day or every week and have the items places in a folder that's marked with either the day or month along with the year. You can choose which option suites you best which depends on how you use your desktop and how messy you are.

The app is pretty simple but very useful. My feature wish list for this application is the ability to archive the desktop back to the desktop.That way your desktop documents would simply be in a subfolder on your desktop instead of spread out all over the place. This would be convenient and would eventually force you to deal with the unused files. I also wish you could schedule the desktop cleanup for a specific time that way it would never happen in the middle of your work day.

The app is free and is available in the Mac App Store so go and check it out.

Clean - Mac App Store 
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