Google Music Now on iPhone and iPad - Sort Of

Published Friday, September 9, 2011 1:19 PM

Google Music is a service recently released by Google that allows you to upload music to their servers and play them back on the web or on your mobile device. Currently I believe you can store up to 20,000 songs for free using Google Music but the only problem is the application is only available on Android so iOS users were SOL.

Now Google was released a new HTML5 optimized web version for iOS that looks and feels like a real native application. Even though it's only a web app and doesn't have some of the perks of being a native application Google did a pretty good job of making it look and feel like a native application. The interface is nice and clean with responsive buttons and easy to use interface. Sure you have to deal with Safari's little menubar at the bottom but other than that it's just as good as a native application.

The reason Google had to go with a HTML5 web app instead of a native application is for the obvious reasons. Apple is about to release their cloud service and doesn't want the competition on their device. So Google turned to the web for their portal to the iPhone. I wish more companies would do this when presented with native app approval problems from Apple.0 I'm looking at you Grooveshark jump on it.

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