Picture Hanging Hack - The Easy Way to Hang Pictures

Published Friday, August 5, 2011 11:28 AM

The most annoying thing about hanging picture frames is trying to get the nail placement just right. You have to measure the distance from the top and hope that you don't mess up the horizontal placement of the frame. With this clever tip you can hang picture frame quickly and easily without the need for a measuring tape.

All you need is a clothespin and a nail. Drive the nail straight into the clothespin so that some of the nail sticks out on both sides. It's best to use a nail that has lip on the head so it catches the hanging loop better. Now hook the hanging loop with the head of the nail and hold up against the wall. When you have the right placement just press the picture frame into the wall making a mark where you need to put your nail. Remove the picture frame, drive your nail in and hang the frame. It's that simple.

This works with most frames that have a center loop and can really be made out of any piece of wood. It really just has to be thick enough to be gripped by the sides while your trying to mark the nail location.

This tip comes from Michele over at The Scrap Shoppe.
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