SecureHome - Turn Your Mac into a Home Security System

Published Wednesday, July 27, 2011 12:17 PM

What does a home security system really do for you? It makes a lot of noise and calls the police, who show up 30 minutes later because they get security system calls all the time. SecureHome can make a lot of noise and contact you, who can then call the police, and it only cost $1.

SecureHome is an application for your Mac that uses the built in microphone to set a noise threshold. When a sound breaches that threshold it sets off an alarm and send you an email. Sure it's not as good as a sophisticated security system but it's a cool way to set something up on the cheap. Since it can send you an email alert you could enter you SMS email from your cell carrier, for AT&T, and have it send you the email as a SMS. This would give you a more instant notification of an alarm. The SMS email differs depending on your carrier so you will have to look yours up if you don't have AT&T.  

The biggest downside to this software is that it's not much use to you if you have pets or live in a noisy urban environment. I can imagine dogs barking and cats knocking things over would result in a noisy alarm and an alarming email making you think someone is in your house. Other things that could set it off are sirens from emergency vehicles and storms with lightning and thunder. So this setup isn't ideal and you are sure to get a lot of false positives but I still think it's better than nothing. Combined with a way to access your webcam remotely, like Skype, you could check in on your house after getting your email alert which should put your mind to ease should it be a false positive.

So what do you think? Kind-of cool or dumb? Let me know what you think in the comments. 

SecureHome - Stephen Arrowsmith
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