Make Time Lapse, Stop Motion, and GIF Animations on your iPhone

Published Tuesday, July 12, 2011 12:37 PM

One of the most fun things about having an iPhone is it's camera. Because you always have your phone you now have a camera no matter where you go so it's no wonder there are thousands of camera apps in the App Store. Today I am going to focus on two of them. The first is iMotion HD which allows you to make Stop Motion and Time Lapse Animations. The other is called GIF Shop which makes animated GIFs for quick and dirty animation goodness.

iMotion HD - Fingerlab

First off is iMotion HD the stop motion app. Stop Motion animation has been around since the 1800's and is a technique were you take a series of photos and stitch them together making a movie or animation. If you know what Robot Chicken is or Wallace and Gramett then you have seen stop motion in action. iMotion also does time lapse the difference being time lapse is usually a stationary shot of something over a period of time.

iMotion allows you to take photos either manually or automatically and put them together into a video. They provide you with a ghost like image, called an onion layer, of the previous frame so you can line up your shots. iMotion also has a grid option that helps you better layout your shots. Once you are done shooting you can view the video and increase of decrease the frame speed if you wish to make the frames move faster or slower. You can also remove frames you don't want included in the video. Once you are happy with the video you can export it in HD to YouTube, the iMotion Gallery, your camera roll, iTunes shared folder, or to an email.

The application works pretty well, I just wish you could share the videos on Facebook, but the MOV video format isn't supported by Facebook. So you would have to upload it to your computer and then convert it. to lets say a MP4. and then upload it to Facebook. Other than that complaint it's a pretty awesome application.

You can try it for free but in order to export videos you have to buy the app for $1.99, which isn't a bad price if you ask me.

GIF SHOP - Something Savage

GIF Shop is an app similar to iMotion except it makes animated GIFs instead of a movie. You still get the onion layer and the ability to slow and speed up the frame rate, but the image quality is lower. This app is more for little quick animation that look good when repeated, since GIFs are always on a loop. If you were to make a 2 second stop motion it might seem dumb, but a 2 second GIF that's gets repeated is much cooler.

GIF Shop allows you to share your GIFs via email, MMS, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Because many of these service don't support GIFs your GIF is saved to their website and a link is posted to the service like this.

GIF Shop is also $1.99 and could be a lot of fun since you can make a fun animation with just a couple frames. Check it out.

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