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Published Friday, July 8, 2011 1:09 PM

Pinterest at it's lowest level is an awesome social bookmarking website. It does what all social bookmarking websites do, store links to items you care about. It's Pinterest's graphical interface that makes it so much more. The interface is so good in fact that MySpace actually ripped it off before the released their new web design. Large graphics and organization techniques allow users to use Pinterest to do things like decorate a home or plan a wedding. It's like generating a story board with items from around the web. Users go to Pinterest to get inspired and to keep track of ideas and products they care about.

Pinterest is organized into boards. Boards are like a category or a collection of ideas or products. Users can create and add items to these board which are called pins. You pin items to your board creating a collection of items and or ideas. Users can follow board as well as other users which will then follow all their boards. Once signed in the home page makes up an endless stream of items from boards you follow. The more you scroll the more it loads which is an awesome feature.  

Other Pinterest streams include Everything, Discussions, and Gifts. Everything includes all Pinterest pins and boards with the discussion stream consisting of popular pins and their resulting conversations. Gifts is a stream that only has items you can buy. You can filter them by price to find pins that are in your price range.

Pinterest primarily uses a Bookmarklet to add items to a board. You drag the bookmarklet into your toolbar which allows you to add items to Pinterest without having to go to the site. When you find something you want to add to one of your boards you click the bookmarklet, select the image you want to use, and add a description. You can add a price to the item's description by simply using the "$" or "£" before the price. You can also use "#" to add tags to your description which will make your item easier to find.

Pinterest also has an iPhone app as well as other internet goodies that you can add to your site to get people Pinning your content. The iPhone app allows users to browes pins, repin items as well as pin items with your camera and location. This allows users to see the item as well as where you found it.

What's awesome about Pinterest is the many ways people use it. Some people use it almost like a photo gallery pinning pictures of everything from Weddings to typography. Others use it to get inspired when it comes to home decorating and personal style. Still others use Pinterest as a story board or inspiration board for planning weddings or decorating your home.  

The website is free but it by invitation only. However, I was able to request an invite and receive one within minutes from their website so it shouldn't be an issue. Go and give it a try the website is awesome and very addictive. It plays well with Facebook which is also nice so go and check it out.

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