TuneSpan - Lets you Move iTunes Media to Different Storage Devices

Published Thursday, June 30, 2011 1:35 PM

iTunes by default copies all your music you add to iTunes and puts it into your iTunes music folder. It keeps it organized so you don't have music scattered all over your computer. The down side to this is you are forced to have all your music on one drive. You could decide to have multiple iTunes Libraries, but that too is a hassle. TuneSpan allows you to move music to another hard drive or storage device while maintaining it's iTunes connection.

You can manually move music from your iTunes folder onto another drive, but then you have go through and manually reconnect the media one by one in order for iTunes to be able to play it. You also could remove it from iTunes and re-add it from it's new location but that removes things like rating and play count as well as being annoying.

TuneSpan allows you to choose music to move and a destination. It then moves the files and updates iTunes Library file with the new location so files will not appear missing when you go to play them later. The application looks a lot like iTunes and is pretty simple to use. Just select songs you want to move, drag or browse to a destination folder and click the "Span…" button in the bottom left. It's that simple.

TuneSpan is a free application but they do accept donations, which is the right thing to do if you find their application useful as I'm sure you will.

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