Turtle Fly - Rocket Turtle Gameplay that's Super Addictive

Published Tuesday, June 28, 2011 3:10 PM

A new game has topped the free charts today on the App Store called Turtle Fly. Despite the broken english description and weird story that really doesn't make that much sense the game is actually a ton of fun and very addictive.

The game features a turtle that is genetically engineered to fly? I know weird right? There's a whole backstory that I didn't bother reading and really isn't important. You fly your turtle into the air gathering gems and cola that acts as fuel to take you go higher. You have to avoid other flying objects like blimps, jets, and other planes. You earn money for height and the gems you collect. You spend the money earned to purchase upgrades for your turtle after each run. You can buy all kinds of upgrades that make you faster, give you more fuel, and give you getter control over you turtle cola powered rocket.

Kind of like Tiny Wings you have goals that you have to complete in order go onto the next level which features more difficult goals. There are four stories and 7 levels in each story. You can control the turtle with the arrow keys or by tilting the device. You can pick up the game for free, but I have a feeling it won't be free for much longer so pick it up while you can.  

Turtle Fly - j2sighte  
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