Groovedown - Download Songs from Grooveshark

Published Tuesday, June 28, 2011 1:30 PM

Grooveshark is probably the best free online music streaming service out there. They have all kinds of music you can listen to for free and it's pretty awesome. If you want to download music on Grooveshark you would have to record your system audio with something like wiretap studio or with a combination of Soundflower and Quicktime. Now there's Groovedown a Windows (Mac and Linux with the help of Winebottler) application that allows you to search and download any track on Grooveshark.

The application is pretty simple all you have to do is install it and search for songs you want to download. Double click the song and it starts downloading it. It's that simply! You can select multiple songs at once and add them to your download queue to save you from having to click them one by one. This is a lot simpler than trying to record the audio using the methods mentioned above.

Is this legal? No, of course not, but the software developer is more liable than the users in my opinion. That and Grooveshark will probably figure out a way to shutdown this applications's API access and other applications like it. It totally undermines their service and should make the music studios Grooveshark is partnering with very uncomfortable.

Anyway the application is free so go and check it out.

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