Boom - Boost your MacBook's Speaker Volume

Published Thursday, June 23, 2011 3:19 PM

 If you have a Mac laptop like a Macbook or Macbook Pro you have probably noticed that in large noisy rooms you really can't hear the sound coming out of your speakers. Most of the time the volume is fine because you are either in a quite place or are using headphones. For those times that you need loud speaker volume there's Boom, an application that seeks to fix this problem by boosting your systems volume.

Boom can boost all audio coming from your system as well as apply an equalizer. Boom sits up in your menu-bar and provides you with a volume slider much like the default OS X one. When activate Boom you can turn the volume up to 100% and them some to give it that boost. The equalizer has presets that include Flat, Bass Boost, Treble Boost, Soft, Loud, Music, Vocals, and Movie to make the output audio sound a little better depending on what you are doing.

You can also use Boom to boost the volume on audio and video files so they retain the audio boost when you sync them to devices like you phone or iPod. iTunes protected files don't work with Boom but that shouldn't come as a shock.

Boom is a great simple application that solves one of life's little annoyances. The application normally retails for $9 for a single user license, but right now you can pick it up for $4.99. I have to say for what the application does it doesn't really seem worth $9. iTunes and applications like VLC offer ways to boost volume within their apps, but i guess if you need your system audio or other application's audio boosted, Boom is really the best option.

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