ClipMorpher - Removes text formatting and performs different operations on your clipboard

Published Thursday, May 26, 2011 1:16 PM

The Mac clipboard is an invisible application that holds text and other content in memory until it is overwritten by another copy. With the help of some clipboard managers you can do a lot more with your Clipboard my favorite of which is Jumpcut, a free application that holds old copies for future use. However a new clipboard application has caught my eye with some interesting features.

ClipMorpher lives in the menu bar and can automatically morph or modify text copied into your clipboard. When enabled it automatically removes formatting from text which is nice if you copy text from one document to another. It can force all the text into lowercase or uppercase as well as remove line breaks and multiple spaces.

This is where it gets interesting; it also has the ability to extract URLS and Email address from copied text. When the URL extract option is enabled you can, for example, copy the source of a webpage and when you paste the text into a document it will only return the links present in the copied text. All the other text is erased automatically. I'm not sure why that would come in handy, but I'm sure people have their uses for it. The email extractor works the same way eliminating any text that isn't a part of an email address from the clipboard.

One of the coolest features is that you can add your own custom text morphings using regular expressions. You could of course just use ones already written over at ClipMorpher is a free application which you can download here.
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