How to Share Your Mac's Internet Connection with your Xbox?

Published Monday, April 25, 2011 3:31 PM

The original Xbox 360 did not come with Wi-Fi built in. If you wanted to use your Xbox wirelessly you had to buy a $99 dollar wireless adapter that could make the connection happen. This was 33% of the cost of the entire machine just to make it wireless. Even now with the new Slim Xboxs the adapter for the originals still cost $60 or more. So if you have an original Xbox that you want to connect wirelessly to a network, without the adapter, consider using your Mac to bridge the connection.

To accomplish this follow these instructions or watch the video above and follow along.

Step #1 Connect your Xbox

- Make sure your Mac has a wireless internet connection
- Connect your Xbox to your computer via ethernet    
- Enable Internet sharing in Preferences >> Sharing. Check the Share Internet Box and make sure the

Step #2 Obtain Ethernet IP Address
- Open Terminal >> Type - ifconfig en0  
- "0" is a Zero
- look for something that looks like inet: - Mine was
- Leave the window open of save it to a open text file.

Step #3 Setting Up the Xbox
- Power on and go to System Setting >> Network Settings
- Manually configure Network Settings
    - IP Address = 1 Larger than the ifconfig en0 number. Mine was so I would enter  
    - Subnet Mask = (Which is default usually)
    - Gateway = The number you got from the ifconfig en0 from earlier.
    - DNS = IP Address of your router
    - Leave PPPoE and Advanced settings blank or delete anything that's there. (Blank by default)
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