Parkopedia - Helps you Find Parking with Pricing and Maps !

Published Thursday, March 31, 2011 11:16 AM

I live in Pittsburgh and it seems there is never anywhere to park in this city. Whenever you go anywhere the big question is where are you going to park. Sometimes it's obvious, and other times you end up sitting in traffic as you circle the block trying to find a garage. If you use Google Maps on your phone some garages will show up, but most of them don't. This is where Parkopedia comes in handy. They have 15 Million parking spaces in 20 countries and they can help you find a spot using your computer or mobile phone.

Parkopedia will display several different kinds of parking like private parking, tag-needed parking, public garages, free street parking, and meters. Parking entries are equipped with pricing, height restrictions, number of spaces, and the features the garage may have. You can also read reviews left by Parkopedia members as well as get directions to the garage using Google Maps. You can use their parking price calculator to figure out how much it will cost you to park in different garages given the time you plan on being there. You can then sort them by price giving you the cheapest way to park nearby. If you are unfamiliar with a given city this could be invaluable.

Parkopedia has a free iPhone app as well as a webapp versions for non iPhone users. native apps for Android, Nokia, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Palm are in the works. As for now iPhone users can download the app for free in the App Store.

Parkopedia Website
and iPhone App @ App Store   
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