Desktoday - Organizes and Store Desktop Files For You

Published Tuesday, March 29, 2011 12:02 PM

I don't know about you but I use the desktop a lot. It's a very handy place to store files temporarily until you delete them or find a place for them in your file structure. The only problem for some is they never clean their desktop up so it becomes a large mess of files across weeks if not months. You should see my father's desktop. The icons literally span from one side of the desktop to the other. It's a forest of icons swimming in background, makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it.

Desktoday lives in the menu bar. When you select Clean Desktop from the menu it takes all the files on your desktop and places them in a folder with today's date. You can of course view the files by selecting the days files you wish to view from the menubar. You can of course just browse to them from Finder, but Desktoday provides you with the handy shortcut to view them from.

This doesn't actually solve the problem but does help you get the files off your desktop. You still need to organize them later but having all the files from a particular day in one place might make the process a little easier. It's better then working in a ocean of icons, and should help your productivity. I wish there were more controls in Desktoday. You can currently choose the destination folder and exclude certain folders and files. I wish files created on different days would automatically filter into different folders, but as it is now all files created or placed on your desktop today or yesterday will all go into the same folder. You just have to run the cleanup every day to keep the files organized by day.

Desktoday is a free application and is available in the Mac App Store right now. It's definitely worth a look see.

Desktoday @ Mac App Store

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