Amazon Launches Cloud Music Streaming Service

Published Tuesday, March 29, 2011 1:34 PM

The internet is a buzz today with the new release of Amazon's cloud music storage and streaming service. The service is a full featured storage and streaming service allowing you to stream music from a computer browser or Android device.

The web service must of come as a surprise to Google and Apple who are both developing similar products. Sure there are services like this before Amazon released theirs, but none by company as large. The service will not work on your iPhone however, since Apple has rules about non-competing applications and not to mention the cut Apple wants to take from all applications that offer subscriptions.

The app works with a helper application that finds all your music on your computer and allows you to choose what songs and playlists to sync with the cloud. You only get 5GB of space for free, which will not be enough for most people's your entire music collection, but it will give you a good taste for what the application is capable of. Additional space can be purchased for $1 per 1GB per year. So if want 20GB of space it will cost $20 a year.  This is actually pretty cheap if you consider the alternatives.

You can play the music back using the web based player or the Android phone with their Amazon’s Cloud Player. Blackberry and Palm phones and use their web app versions of the cloud player as well.  The player is pretty basic displaying your imported playlists from iTunes and the like and displays music by artists, album, and genre. The interface is nice and clean and will not overwhelm you with gadgets and gizmos.

Amazon has set the bar and price point for this type of service. I don't know if this is good or bad to tell you the truth. On one hand they are the first major company to hit the market, and on the other companies like Google and Apple know how to sweeten the deal and take Amazon out of the picture. It's a major disadvantage to Amazon not to be available on the iPhone. We shall see how this effects their service and adoption rates.

Amazon Cloud
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