Track a Stolen Laptop with Prey

Published Friday, March 25, 2011 11:53 AM
When your laptop is stolen the first thing you wish you had installed was software to track it's whereabouts, and then you begin to think about all your stored passwords you wish you could remove. Prey is a free open source app that could get your laptop returned to you or at least keep your passwords safe.

What can Prey do?
So what can Prey actually do? Well for starters it can use your devices GPS or WiFi connection to triangulate your computer's position. Prey can force your computer to connect to a WiFi network when no internet is available. Prey will take screenshots of active sessions as well as take pictures with a built in webcams so you can get a look at the thief. These are all the covert operations but Prey has more up its sleeve. 

You can make your laptop sound a loud alarm for 30 seconds just in case it's near by. Prey can make a message popup letting the thief know you're on to him. Prey also allows you to lock your computer to prevent him from using it until a password is entered. To prevent the thief from getting into your other accounts you can have Prey delete your browser cookies and passwords for all users as well as hide emails.  

Pray is simple to install, all you have to do is download the software, which runs on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, and Android. You then create an account which you activate using your email address. That's it you're done. You can now activate all of Prey's monitoring features using their website.

The free account allows you to track one device and store up to 10 reports at a time. Prey offers several payed accounts which are very affordable on any budget. It's worth a look see and might just save you a laptop. 

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