YouTube adds new features to its online video editor!

Published Thursday, March 24, 2011 1:33 PM
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For the last 9 months YouTube has offered a very basic online video editor. It contained basic features like the ability to trimming, combining videos, adding music, inserting transitions, and rotating clips. These features are about a basic as they come allowing for some very bare bones video editing. YouTube announced yesterday that they are planning some enhancements to their online video editor bringing new features that make it more like desktop video editors. These features include the following: 

  • Video transitions (crossfade, wipe, slide)
  • The ability to save projects across sessions
  • Increased clips allowed in the editor from 6 to 17
  • Video rotation (from portrait to landscape and vice versa - great for videos shot on mobile)
  • Shape transitions (heart, star, diamond, and Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween)
  • Audio mixing (AudioSwap track mixed with original audio)
  • Effects (brightness/contrast, black & white)
  • A new user interface and project menu for multiple saved projects

Two new features not mentioned above that are particularly interesting are the stabilizer feature and the 3D creator. The stabilizer allows you to remove the camera shake from a shot using a rather impressive algorithm. The example here is quite impressive, though at the beginning of the clip it looks like the buildings are swaying back in forth.

The 3D creator is just what you think it is. You shoot video using two video cameras that are positioned in a specific way. You then can use YouTube's video tool to compile the two videos into one 3D video. Pretty neat for a free online video tool!

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