Best AR Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

Published Tuesday, March 22, 2011 1:08 PM
I recently watched a video of the new Nintendo 3DS and saw their really cool Augmented Reality mini games they had included. It used a little card as a reference point and used the surroundings as part of the game. It's was very interesting and I wanted to know if there were anything like that for the iPhone since it too is equipped with a camera. Well there really isn't anything quite as advanced as the games I saw on the video but there are a few that come close.

1. AR Defender - My favorite My favorite

AR Defender is a really basic tower defense game. You control the gun on top of the tower and you have to shoot the many enemies coming to destroy you. This game might be fun even if it weren't an AR game, but because it is makes it even cooler. You need to print out a little square that has seven little dots on it that AR Defender uses as the reference point for your tower. You can then move around the tower while shooting your enemies trying to kill them before they kill you. The square comes in three sizes making the play area bigger as the square gets bigger.

2. AR Basketball - Free Lite Version and Full $1.99

AR Basketball is another game that requires a printed piece of paper in order to construct it's virtual basketball goal. The game play is simple, all you have to do is flick the ball into the hoop. You have a limited amount of time to make as many baskets as you can from different positions on the court.

3. AR Invaders Free Lite Version and Full $.99

This game is unlike the two others in that it doesn't require a printed square to play. You have to turn your body and look around to find the attacking alien ships. This game uses your surrounding as more of a backdrop for the game rather than part of the game. Still it's a pretty cool unique gameplay. 

- Honorable Mention ARGirl $.99

This isn't a game really but just something fun to do. You draw or print a AR marker which in this case is a v shape and watch the virtual girl dance to music form your iPod library.   
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