HipMunk - Makes Finding Flights Super Simple and Now with iOS App

Published Tuesday, February 22, 2011 12:14 PM

Hipmonk is a simple and clean way to find flights on the cheap. I'm sure you have gone to discount travel sites before and searched for flights but unlike Hipmonk other sites are crowded and confusing to use. Hipmonk is simple and has a great layout and unique design.

Hipmonk features a unique calender like view that shows all flights like calender events. The event like display allows you to differentiate flight times very easily, seeing early flight on the left and late flights on the right of the time grid. Airlines are color coded, each with their own color, and each flight has the connecting city abbreviation in the middle of the bar representing the flight. Clicking on the flight allows you to see detailed information as well as allowing you to select the flight which then moves you on to choosing the return flight.

Hipmonk also offers a variety of ways to sort flights, including Agony, Price, Stops, Departure Time, Arriving Time, and Duration. Sorting the flights by Agony takes into consideration the duration, flight time, and number of stops, something I find very useful. You can also filter out flights that are early morning, are before noon, or only show morning flights, which is an option that would come in handy for some.

Hipmonk also has an iPhone app that provides the same services as the website. The layout is much of the same simply shrunk down for the iPhone. The down side is once you find your flights you have to checkout with the airline or aggregator's website using safari which can't be fun. However Hipmunk does allow you to send the booking to an email so you can checkout later when you're on a computer. All in all a great website tool and iPhone app check it out.


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