Fooducate - iOS App that helps you put good food into your body

Published Monday, February 21, 2011 12:20 PM

I think we are all guilty of eating things that aren't good for us. It's not a bad thing to treat yourself every once in a while to something you know isn't good for you, but when it becomes the norm you forget how bad some foods really are for you. Well next time you go to the store or the pantry take along the Fooducate app and see just how good or bad the food you eat really is for you.

Fooducate is an iOS app that allows you to scan bar-codes on food packaging. Fooducate will then pull up the product from it's database giving you it's healthiness grade, calories per serving, Weight Watchers food score per serving, and any other positive or negative facts about the product. Fooducate gives products grades from A - F based on a number of factores including how processed it is, extra sugars or chemicals that have been added. So even low calorie food items can get a low score based on the chemicals included and how it's processed. Fooducate takes more into consideration than just calories, which I think is a good thing.

The app is pretty good at identifying name brand items, but off brand or generic products seems to be harder to identify. Also food items from Aldi seems to be absent from their database as well. The good news is that you can get your food items added by taking a picture of the front of the packaging, the nutrition information, and ingredients. The app composes an email which you can send off to get the item added.

The wish there was a way to just search for products, but you are forced to either manually enter the UPC code or use the camera to scan the bar-code, which can be inconvenient depending on the product. Overall a great app and you can't beat it with it's free price tag.

Fooducate $Free @ App Store
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