Airport Security in UK thinks 3 Inch Plastic Gun is a Weapon!

Published Friday, January 28, 2011 12:23 PM

So it seems the Airport security at Gatwick Airport in the UK has declared this little toy gun to be a weapon! I wonder why they didn't interrogate the little toy soldier who they just disarmed. I mean come on what's next to be banded from airplanes? A drawing of a gun? I can see if it was a life size gun that could be mistaken for a real one, but this little think would get you laughed at if you pulled it out on a flight and tried to brandish it like a real gun.

The security personnel removed the tiny gun from the package and handed it back to the owner who stuck it in an envelope and sent it back home. The security then proceeded to x-ray the rest of the package just to make sure there were no other miniature weapons hiding in there.

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