AT&T Loophole Could Give Unlimited Data Back to Those Who Had It!

Published Thursday, January 27, 2011 12:08 PM
According to USA Today there is a Loophole which AT&T is quietly offer to give customers back their unlimited data plan in order to prevent them from switching. This only works if you at some point had the unlimited data plan at some point. If you never had it you are still out of luck. Verizon is going to offer an unlimited data plan as well but only initially. They have already said that they too are going to cap the data at some point and discontinue the unlimited plan, grandfathering in those who already have it just like AT&T did. It makes sense that AT&T will try and tempt customers to stay who might be tempted to switch simply because Verizon is going to have unlimited data plans if only for a while.

AT&T has not said whether or not this is true but it's starting to come in from all corners of the web so there's a good chance it's true. That and AT&T better so something to keep their customers. Everyone has been foaming at the bit to get to a new carrier and now it's their chance. AT&T better sweeten the deal and prevent people from switching or there might be some layoffs in their future.

More from AP USA Today
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