Google Voice Now Allows You to Port you Phone Number Over!

Published Wednesday, January 26, 2011 12:10 PM

Google Voice is great and has some great features, but before today they only allowed you to get a new Google Voice phone number and forward it to your current cell and home phones. Well Google has just announced that they are going to offer the ability to port your current number over to Google Voice.

What does this mean? Well Porting your number is kind of like changing cell phone carriers. It will basically cancel your current service plan with your provider and given the phone number to Google. Since Google isn't cell phone carrier you still need service. So you then get a new service plan with a new number. You then forward Google Voice to the new number. 

Confused? Yeah it's a bit confusing. Think of it like this. You have a phone number that everyone has and you want to keep that number. By porting your number you are basically replacing your old Google Voice number with the number from your cell carrier, the one everyone has. By doing this you have to get a new number and plan to make it happen. You then place it as your new forwarding phone number. Still confused? Maybe a Google video will help. 

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