AudioGalaxy - iOS App that Streams your Music to your Device from Anywhere!

Published Monday, January 24, 2011 12:53 PM
Two Weeks ago I wrote about Skifta, a handy little Android app that could stream your home media right to your phone. I said then that I wasn't aware of an iOS equal and even though AudioGalaxy only does music, unlike Skifta, it does music really well. 

AudioGalaxy is a free iPhone app that has a desktop helper that goes along with it. After creating an account and installing the helper application it will then begin to index all your music. You can then launch the iOS app and browse all your music by Artist, Albums, Genres, and Playlist all of which are taken from your iTunes library. The AudioGalaxy app also works on a playlist queue type model allowing you to add songs to your song queue as well as artists and whole albums. You can of course review your list of queued songs, edit, and even save it as a new Playlist if you would like. 

AudioGalaxy also has a web app as well so if you're on a friends computer or your own you can access all your music right there All you have to do is login to their website and start adding songs to your music queue. It couldn't get much simpler so give AudioGalaxy a try. 

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